Against The Days

(LP) Катерина Ятель
20 Травня, 2018
Дата виходу: октябрь 2017

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Група: Ginger Snap5

Ginger Snap5 is an electronic music band originally from Odessa, Ukraine. They combine elements of electro-industrial, trance, synthpop and electronic body music (EBM). The mastermind of the band is Roman Soroka (music, lyrics, vocal). Prior to Ginger Snap5, Roman Soroka had collaborated on various other projects that played alternative rock music. After 2004, he created Ginger Snap5 and focused on electronic dance music. Ginger Snap5's well-known hits are Feel My Rhythm, Something Wrong With Me, Ginger Girl, Shadow gHost and others. They were released on various worldwide compilations. Also, Ginger Snap5 is known as a remix producer. Among his customers are such bands as TraKKtor, Wynartdage, Klonavenous, Diversant:13, Requiem 4FM, Sleetgrout, Empty, Shadow System and many others. In 2015 the band has signed on Dependent Records (Germany).

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